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I would like to thank you guys for delivering flowers to my Grandma. Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she received the bouquet. Sitting millions of miles away this was least I could do for her and you guys didn't let me down. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. 

Rajiv Kapoor

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Basket Of Assorted Flowers Including Lilies, Roses And Carnations
CBW-AF-13 Price: Rs 2,025
(US $ 29)
Bunch Of 18 Beautifully Wrapped Red Carnations
CBW-CA-1 Price: Rs 1,450
(US $ 21)
Basket Of White Roses And Orange Gerberas
CBW-DA-1 Price: Rs 1,595
(US $ 23)
Bunch Of White Colored Lilies
CBW-LI-1 Price: Rs 1,950
(US $ 28)
Mixed Colored Lilies In A Vase
CBW-LI-5 Price: Rs 1,950
(US $ 28)
Lilies In A Vase
CBW-LI-6 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)
Bunch Of Orchids
CBW-OR-1 Price: Rs 1,385
(US $ 20)
Orchids In A Vase
CBW-OR-2 Price: Rs 1,950
(US $ 28)
Basket Of 100 Mixed Colored Roses
CBW-RO-1 Price: Rs 4,095
(US $ 60)
Bunch Of 100 Pink Roses
CBW-RO-10 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)
Bunch Of 100 Mixed Colored Roses
CBW-RO-15 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)
Bunch Of 100 White Roses With Seasonal Fillers
CBW-RO-16 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)

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